Crawer oval LED Worklight 40W CREE for John Deere


Crawer oval LED Worklight 40W CREE for John Deere


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Oval LED work light suitable for John Deere 6020, 6030, 6M, 5020, 5M, 5R


The following black or gray work lamps can be replaced with this model: 55 Watt work lamp by JOHN DEERE 6020, 6030, 6M, 5020, 5M, 5R etc. 



  • Housing: Powder coated aluminum

  • Application: Indoors and outdoors

  • 4 pieces of 10 watt high intensity CREE XTE LEDs

  • Processor: PMMA

  • Working angle: Adjustable 

  • Near field lighting 

  • Waterproof: Splashproof (IP68)

  • Lifespan: 30,000 hours +

  • CISPR Class 4

  • With plug



  • Light color: Cold white 

  • Color temperature: 6,000 Kelvin



  • Total power: 40 watts

  • 4 pcs high intensity CREE XTE LEDs of 10 watts

  • Suitable for 10-30V DC

  • 4200 lumens



  • Width: 110 mm

  • Height: 120 mm

  • Thickness: 97 mm


Replacing the lamp is not a problem


Crawer led work lamps are equipped with an identical Delphi connector. This makes it easy to replace the lamps. Another advantage is that the original look of the work light is preserved. The headlight is of OEM quality. In addition, the light output from the oval Crawer led work lamps is significantly higher than the original halogen lighting. Greater safety and better visibility thanks to LED lights. The existing John Deere hangers can still be used, in addition we also supply new extra hangers.


Proven quality from Crawer!


During the development of this black Crawer led work lamp, great emphasis was placed on quality.
Crawer 40 watt led work lamp enables uninterrupted radio reception in accordance with CISPR class 4. These are special product features that you can only find at well-known brands such as HELLA and GROTE.


This LED work light is often used in the following models: John Deere: RE219708, RE233263, AL150478, AL119291