Crawer LED work lamp 48W square + 2 meters cable


Crawer LED work lamp 48W square + 2 meters cable


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Crawer LED work lamp 48W square with 2 meter cable

*Powerful 48 watt LED work light from Crawer Lighting with 3680 Lumen and 2 meters of cable.

*Professional vehicles require ditto work lights. This LED work lamp has a maximum light output.



  • Housing: aluminum

  • Fixing material: bracket 304 stainless steel

  • Cable: including 2 pole cable, 2 meters

  • Number of LEDs: 16 x 3W

  • Lifespan: +30,000 hours

  • IP rating: IP67 dust and immersion proof

  • EMC Radio Suppressed: CISPR Class 1/2


  • Light intensity: 3680 Lumen

  • Light color: White

  • Color temperature: 6000K

  • Beam angle: 60 degrees


  • Power: 48W

  • Voltage: 10-30V


  • Lamp width: 110 mm

  • Lamp height: 110 mm

  • Lamp thickness: 72 mm

A powerhouse among the LED work lights

If you are looking for a powerful 48 watt LED work light in a square design, this is our answer. The lamp provides an effective white light with a color temperature of 6000K. The light output is therefore not small: 3680 lumens.

The light output
The light output of this 48 watt LED lamp from Crawer is not inferior to a halogen lamp of no less than 250 watts. The consumption between a 48 watt LED work lamp compared to a 50 watt halogen lamp is of course small. However, for the same use you have 4 times as much light.

The construction
The housing has heavy cooling fins of 72 mm thick and is therefore also an optimal protection of the lens. Add to this the relatively low heat radiation, like all LED lighting. Just like the housing, the lens is also very solid. This is made of impact-resistant plastic, is UV resistant and is a floodlight. The light is distributed over an angle of 60 degrees.

Our selection
Ledhandel24 selects on quality and price. However, you will notice that despite the quality, the price is still attractive. It is good to know that this 48 watt EMC work lamp, like all other Crawer lamps, is composed of the best components and has the following features:

  • The applied LED chips last longer than halogen lighting

  • The light output is greater than any traditional lighting

  • The smart construction of the printed circuit board ensures much less failure than with standard printed circuit boards

  • You should not expect radio interference at all, it is 100% suppressed.

There are many different 48 watt LED lamps on offer at the moment, but this 48 watt LED lamp distinguishes itself by its quality. Better LED chips and a more expensive power supply that ensure that the lamp is much more stable and 100% does not interfere with the radio!

The thickness of the cooling fins (cooling is very important with LED) and the total weight of the lamp are also different. But you have also come to the right place for a 12V LED work lamp and a 24V LED work lamp. Our LED work light is suitable for the car.